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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Which part of a cow does milk come out of?
Question 2
In 1956 what country's bartenders celebrated their new American-born royal with a new drink called the princess cocktail, made with American bourbon, grenadine and fresh cream?
Question 3
Typically eaten during at Christmas, stollen is a bread-like cake most closely associated with Dresden. Where?
Question 4
Suet is dense fat which surrounds which organs in an animal?
Question 5
What body renamed itself Ocean Spray after a portion of its crop was exposed to a poisonous weed killer and recalled by the FDA?
Question 6
Caboc, Crowdie and Ayrshire Blue are which type of Scottish food?
Question 7
A recipe with Oreos, cream cheese and gummy worms would be described as what?
Question 8
What can be put on cakes to give them a pearl-like finish?
Question 9
Kefir is a fermented type of which drink?
Question 10
What healthy vegetable do Greeks mix with feta, Italians cook into cannelloni and French chefs make into anything florentine?
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