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Movies Quiz

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Question 1
In what decade is the film "Fido" set?
Question 2
What "pirate of the Caribbean" has a cove of his own, having bought Little Hall's Pond Cay in the Bahamas?
Question 3
Ironically, while filming a movie called "The Beach," who had to scramble for safety off of a sinking boat?
Question 4
It was set in aristocratic Britain. Its score features opera instead of jazz. Woody Allen doesn't appear in it. And it was his first film since Hannah and Her Sisters to make a profit in the US. What?
Question 5
What Ingmar Bergman movie is known as Det Sjunde Inseglet in Sweden?
Question 6
In "Jennifer's Body", who ends up killing Jennifer to save her?
Question 7
In the 1989 film, whom does Hoke Colburn drive?
Question 8
How many hours was Aron Ralston (James Franco) trapped as shown in the 2010 movie?
Question 9
How many Oscars did “Chariots of Fire” win?
Question 10
Oscars: Which film was awarded the prize for Best Picture PRIOR to the others?
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