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Movies Quiz

Question 1
A popular series by YouTube user 'FilmCow' is of a character called Charlie, what animal is he?
Question 2
Thor was once turned into what animal by Loki?
Question 3
In the movie "Screamers", what band is followed while on tour?
Question 4
Who plays the commanding officer of Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg's characters in "The Other Guys"?
Question 5
In "The Hunger Games", what is the name of Katniss' sister?
Question 6
What are the business hours of the pawn shop in "Pulp Fiction"?
Question 7
Which US fashion designer directed the film 'A Single Man'?
Question 8
In "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra", what is the name of G.I. Joe's command center?
Question 9
Who gained weight and wore a comb-over hairdo for his role in "American Hustle"?
Question 10
Which Blues Brother is the only one to remove his sunglasses in the Blues Brothers movie, doing so in during a chase scene in a tunnel?
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