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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
Which sport is played at Devonshire park?
Question 2
Who sang the famous song Both Sides The Tweed (2003)?
Question 3
Who was Richard Nixon's Vice Presidential candidate when he ran for President in 1960?
Question 4
What was the English King Richard I's nickname?
Question 5
Which of the NBA greats made more playoff game appearances?
Question 6
Which country's flag has a white crescent and star on a red background?
Question 7
Which Beatle is walking barefoot on the Abbey Road album?
Question 8
Elvis Presley was promoted to which rank in the US Army in January 1960?
Question 9
The Battle of Nahr-al-Kalek took place in which century?
Question 10
By the end of 2012, what was Justin Biebers highest charting single in the US?
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