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Math Quiz

Question 1
Henry pays 10% commission to the man who sold his car for £9,950. How much is left?
Question 2
If a location is 40 miles away and you are traveling 60 mph, how long will it take to get there?
Question 3
How many CD racks does it take to hold 300 CDs if each rack holds 75 CDs?
Question 4
What is 0.88 as a percentage from 1?
Question 5
What is 28% of 101?
Question 6
If it was -11 degrees this morning and the temperature rose 17 degrees, what is the temperature now?
Question 7
What is 4 times -100?
Question 8
What extra date is used in a leap year?
Question 9
In the US, how many quarts are in a gallon?
Question 10
Gabriel buys 72 bags of crisps in one shop, and 56 in the next for a party. How many does he have?
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