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Who or what am I?

Question 1
I played a young Vito Corleone in "The Godfather: Part II", who am I?
Question 2
Who is a detective at Scotland Yard that Sherlock Holmes often allows to take credit for his deductions?
Question 3
I was named "Time Magazine" 2004 Person of the Year, who am I?
Question 4
I'm a Grammy-winning singer who sang "Love Story" and dated Taylor Lautner. Who am I?
Question 5
What is a machine that cooks food using microwaves?
Question 6
I'm the title character on "The New Girl" and I'm played by Zooey Deschanel. Who am I?
Question 7
Who said, "In heaven all the interesting people are missing."?
Question 8
There have been several films based on me, including "Psycho" and "The Texas Chainsaw", who am I?
Question 9
A classmate of Tupac, I made my debut in "Menace II Society" as Ronnie, who am I?
Question 10
Who was a Lutheran pastor who also helped plot to kill Hitler during World War II?
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