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Very hard geography quiz, can you get more than 5 correct?

Question 1
In which direction does the M2 motorway go from London?
Question 2
Deposits of what metal were found near Mt Bischoff, Tasmania in 1871?
Question 3
What was the capital of the Brazilian Empire when Emperor Dom Pedro I fled Napoleon from Portugal to Brazil?
Question 4
What color surrounds the cross on the flag of Finland?
Question 5
Which nation in Southern Asia gained its independence on August 8th, 1949?
Question 6
Which is Africa's largest lake?
Question 7
Where in the UK is the Wolf Rock lighthouse?
Question 8
What is the more formal name of the Caribbean country St Kitts-Nevis?
Question 9
Located between the Black and Mediterranean seas, where would you find a harbor called the Golden Horn?
Question 10
In the western parts of what European country is the city of Frankfurt?
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