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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
What song has the line, "Pickin' up? Are you pickin' up now?"
Question 2
The Marley Brothers and The Ghetto Youths Crew sang what Bob Marley song on the "Chant Down Babylon" album in 1999?
Question 3
Which of these was a nickname for Jackie Wilson?
Question 4
Name James Blunt's bestselling album from 2004?
Question 5
What is the name of Maya Diab's daughter born in 2006?
Question 6
What hip hop duo, originally known as Two Shades Deep, consists of Antwan 'Big Boi' Patton and 'Andre 3000' Benjamin?
Question 7
Which of these Queensryche members was not with the band when it formed in 1981?
Question 8
Which bandleader was taken in to the UK charts in 1964 with 'March of the Mods'?
Question 9
For 2000, Album of the Year nominees included The Marshall Mathers LP from Eminem and Kid A from Radiohead, two of the decade's landmark albums. The Grammy instead went to what band's Two Against Nature, its first album in nearly 20 years?
Question 10
Where did Simon & Garfunkel perform an encore performance at the end of their "Old Friends" tour in 2004?
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