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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
'Wipe Out' was an instrumental song recorded in 1962 by what group?
Question 2
Which pop artist released the album "Treat Myself" in 2020?
Question 3
'Ben' by Michael Jackson was originally written for whom?
Question 4
Which artist is not featured on 'Scenerio' by Tribe Called Quest?
Question 5
Which British singer featured in a sample used on Eminem's single 'Stan'?
Question 6
John Sykes was the lead guitarist for what group?
Question 7
The Pretenders are fronted by what female singer?
Question 8
Which member of the Eagles coined the term 'Parrot Head' for Jimmy Buffett fans?
Question 9
The U2 song "Angel of Harlem" was about what Jazz legend?
Question 10
"Blame It On My Youth" was a 2019 rock song released by which band?
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