General Knowledge Questions
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Which scientific term is best defined as "the area influenced by an object's gravity"?
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What Dutch Post-Impressionist artist cut off his left ear with a razor in 1888?
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What is 5.6 rounded to the nearest whole number?
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In which U.S city would you find the 'Brooklyn Bridge'?
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What is an "invasive procedure"?
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What disgusting thing will a wine buff do after taking a sip, and not even get thrown out of the wine bar?
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What countries stayed, respectively, the first and second most heavily populated throughout the 20th century?
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Who sang the famous song Son De La Loma (1928)?
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What chocolate baron had to return to the US a week earlier, sailing home on the Amerika instead of on the ill-fated Titanic?
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Where is your pituitary gland?

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