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Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus is what?
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Who sang the famous song "‘A’ You’re Adorable" (1949)?
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Henri Matisse's first big work was at which 1907 Paris event?
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What was the name of the first artificial satellite launched into space?
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1,760 yards makes one what?
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What is a sixth of 42, plus 50?
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Sodium hydroxide is NaOH, also called caustic acid. And it's also called something else. What?
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Winston Groom gave us which lovable hero?
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Who sang the famous song Red Dirt Girl (2000)?
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The sea otter is part of which family?
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The first Groupon deal, in October 2008, was a two-for-one offer for what "deep" treat, for which Chicago is famous, sold from the first floor of Groupon's building?
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What song has the line, "When they said you was high classed, well, that was just a lie"?
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Alabama shares a border to the west with which state?
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Indonesia made its Olympic debut in 1952 and sent how many athletes to Helsinki?
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The Dordogne is a well known part of which country?
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In 2004, which artist released the single 'Burn'?
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Hayseed Dixie started out doing covers of AC/DC, not as metal songs, but as songs in what genre?
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The tear of an organ or other soft part of the body is called what?
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Fred Astaire demonstrates this in "Royal Wedding," while Lionel Richie uses it as the title of a 1986 song. What is it?
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Which pop group had a one-armed drummer?

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