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Squam Lake, near Holderness, New Hampshire, also goes by what name, for the Henry Fonda movie filmed there?
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What type of animal is a porcupine classified as?
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What is the word for the money you earn by leaving cash in the bank?
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What is the closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way?
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What would you call an animal with three main body parts and six legs?
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What happens when you wrap glue-soaked string around a balloon, let dry, then pop it?
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What Austrian has an effect named for him, one familiar to TV meteorologists, cops lurking in speed traps and people who like listening to trains?
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When you take botox for your wrinkles, you freeze your facial muscles by injecting what poison into your face?
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Named for James Clerk Maxwell, the mountain Maxwell Montes is called "the only man on" what astronomical body, whose features are mostly named for women?
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What are the colors of the flag of France?

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