European history quiz.
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During World War I, Annie Oakley asked for a second shot at this man, who had volunteered in November 1889 to have her shoot out a cigar he was smoking during a performance of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Who was he?
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What future Russian president was the judo champion of Leningrad in 1974?
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After Pius VII had me excommunicated in 1809, I had him arrested. Who am I?
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What country had a Velvet Revolution against Communism, as well as a Velvet Divorce, in which it split in two?
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In what war did UK Col Ernest Swinton inadvertently name tracked military vehicles, when he disguised them as portable water tanks?
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Although best known for work in another field, who was Italy's first female doctor?
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When this "gentleman commander" came home, he was captured by the Genoese and thrown into jail, where he told his tale to Rustichello. Who was he?
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Merry Christmas! What dictator was executed by his own people on December 25, 1989?
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Despite a Nazi past, Kurt Waldheim became both secretary general of the UN and president of what country?
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In AD 897, Formosus was exhumed by his successor, Stephen VI, who had him tried and thrown into the Tiber after the "Cadaver Synod." Both men held what position?

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