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What city's Rockefeller Square is known for its skating rink?
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George Reeves was the original settler here and in 1841, as the story goes, when he was asked what the town should be called, he said, "I don't care, you can name it Hell if you want to." He later wanted to call it Reevesville or Reeve's Mills but today you can attend "Damnation University" (DamU) in the town of Hell in what Great Lakes state?
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Shortly after filming a car safety spot, who died on a California highway when his Porsche 550 Spyder collided into a 1950 Ford Tudor coupe that was turning onto Route 41 west of Cholame, California?
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Which island off the coast of Africa is home to 6,000 flowering plants, half the world's chameleon varieties and most of its surviving lemurs?
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Which actor was the voice of both Darth Vader and Mufasa in The Lion King, as well as the "This is CNN" voice?
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Oh sure, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. But what does a cotton gin actually do?
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In 1665 and 1666, who had himself an "annus mirabilis," in which he invented calculus, developed a theory of optics, worked out gravity and discovered three laws of motion?
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When Apollo 13 has its problem, Ed Harris's character creates a go-to line for people trying to sound tough ever since, when he says that something is not an option. What?
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What Tom Wilkinson movie is called Six Naked Pigs in China?
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Of the countries on its borders, the Poles call it Niemcy, the Danes know it as Tyskland, the Czechs fret about Nemecko and the French call it Allemagne. What do the locals call it?

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