Only a few succeed
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The rear left hind foot of what lagomorph is considered especially lucky?
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The negative pressure ventilator was invented to treat coal gas poisoning, but today it is better known by what name?
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Where are you most likely to encounter monosodium glutamate?
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The US celebrated its centennial in 1876 with its first official world's fair, held at Fairmont Park in Philadelphia. The fair marks the unveiling of what Alexander Graham Bell invention?
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In what movie did Ben Stiller first play the unfortunately named Gaylord Focker?
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Rob Lowe, John Cusack, Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr and Michael J Fox were all considered for what Matthew Broderick role?
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The coccyx was named for its resemblance to the cuckoo's beak. What is the more common name for the coccyx?
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Fred MacMurray's Double Indemnity character works for All Pacific Risk, a company in what business, which frequently deals with double indemnity?
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In what movie is "blessed are the peacemakers" misheard as "blessed are the cheesemakers"?
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What country, the fifth largest in the world, occupies 5% of the world's land and 45% of South America's?

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