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Who recorded the 1973 album 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'?
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Which band were No.1 at the start of 1965, and again at the end of the year?
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Who wrote "(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay" while sittin' in a houseboat, between gigs at the Fillmore in San Francisco?
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Paul Anka became a huge star in what country, thanks to such Italian songs as "Ogni Volta"?
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In 2004, Brian Wilson finally released "Smile," an album he abandoned in the mid-1960s while he was with what band?
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What song do radio stations almost always play after Queen's "We Will Rock You"?
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What kind of little red car did Prince sing about in the 1980's?
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What is the "country" for country stars Anne Murray and Shania Twain?
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Created by choreographer Marius Petipa, the Sugarplum Fairy was a last-minute addition to what ballet?
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Famous for such jazz standards as "One O'Clock Jump," what "noble" nickname did William Basie acquire?
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